Jewelry Trends 2019

Accessories always help in adding into one’s personality. It certainly acts like a renovation of any wardrobe, so that is why people keep on looking for something new. There are lots and many researches being conducted, which beautifully offers a voyage through the visual aspect of jewelry trends. It results in magnificent creations due to high aesthetical sense based on theme, color or type of international designs. Celebrities often pioneer in setting up the hottest and in demand trends for jewelry in a season. Blind fan following and desire to look-alike the fabulous fashion celebrities cause an unequaled popularity for those jewelry accessories.  Trendy jewelry becomes worth collecting as soon as stars wear them in movies, award shows or in parties.

The domain of trendy fashion jewelry has certainly achieved the fame in its one-sided competition with someone portraying his/her sense of style and taste at individual level. Jewels trend coming directly from celebs always hit the market with a bang and become spotlight instantaneously. Currently number of trends just got develops off the shelve for people to just do that. 

Jewelry ranges from sparkling pearls, elegant diamonds and imitated stones to latest trends in hair body accessories. Additionally, jewelry sets also consist of special crystal, gold, platinum and silver.  Jewelry accessories includes earrings, bracelets, rings, belly and neck chains, pendants and necklaces on high-level to meet everyone’s taste.

In fashion jewelry industry, trends move in and out at a quite high pace. If you are looking to stay on top of recent trends in jewelry designs. This article is a source of ultimate information for you. It contains all, from fabric chokers to raw stones, evaluate what will elevate your personality using trendy jewelry. Some new trends in jewelry are as follows:

Jewelry Trends 2019 saversjewelry
Sea – Inspired Earrings
  • Sea-Inspired Items

It does not matter either it is sunny or rainy day. The women’s love for beach- inspired jewelry items can be observed globally.  In 2018, shells were especially dominant. However, it seems that jewelry designers are still obsessed with sea-inspired jewelry. Conch shells are also in fashion. But in 2019, designers choose over-sized shell details to create a fresh look. No doubt, shells are considered as a unique and elegant element that is extremely chill and classy, so jewelry lovers can wear their sea-inspired jewelry to complete the entire look. 

Jewelry Trends 2019 saversjewelry
Chain Necklace
  • Chunky Chain Necklaces 

The thick, juicy, and classy chunky chain necklaces are surely the 90’s top jewelry trend that is now back to an unusual extent. Slowly but certainly, and without everyone knowing it, the lovely chunky chain necklace has come back in fashion. The majority of the women might feel intimidated by colorful and bold statement necklaces but still, looking to have a bigger and noticeable item to wear with different attires. If you are among those who are apprehensive about funky patterned or bright tone necklaces, then the chunky chain necklace will serve the best purpose.

Jewelry Trends 2019 saversjewelry
Tassel Earrings
  • Tassels Earrings

Tassel earrings are a famous and desired trend in women’s accessories when it comes to trendy jewelry. The tassel earrings can be used with different dresses in order to add a unique touch & pop of color along with trendy style. In short, tassel earrings hold a strong position in the list of trendy jewelry as they have been accepted by Instagram fashionistas, fashion IT professionals, celebrities and jewelry designers. So get your tassel earrings right out and add a bohemian vibe to any kind of look. 

Jewelry Trends 2019 saversjewelry
Bold Crystal Earrings
  • Bold Crystal Earrings

One of the best of all accessories is the earring, where you cannot go off the color while wearing it.  While giant flowers and fiber earrings tops the trend in 2018, 2019 the sober glam and glamour of bold crystal earring has topped the chart. Just like their flower-patterned ancestors, these shiny paraphernalia is the certainly the right choice for all events and daily life routine. Just use them for an elegant look, where even a simple jeans and blouse will serve the purpose with these earrings. 

Jewelry Trends 2019 saversjewelry
Hoop Earrings
  • Gold Hoop Earrings 

Like the bold red lipstick and stiletto heel before them, gold hoop earrings have become an important fashion statement for the most powerful women of the world. Although, the iconic add-on dates back to 2500 BC but, the classic hoop earrings has now emerged as a must have accessory for the world’s famous women namely Rihanna, Michelle Obama and Venus Williams. 

Jewelry Trends 2019 saversjewelry
Statement Earrings
  • Statement Earrings 

It is worth mentioning that statement earrings are now going stronger due to trendy and well-designed look. The current trend in jewelry offers everything from sculptural and artsy metal earrings to huge hoops. 

  • 1970s Look 

Vintage is back in action and previous styles are making an impact now. Let it be clothing, music, art of even jewelry, it is now vital part of fashion trends and aspects of trendy culture of 2019. There is also a visible increase in buy and selling of used jewelry items and it is becoming ever popular. Lumpy and clumpy gold necklaces, long earring and pendants from 70s are in demand now days. Even the previously forgotten all-time favorite rings of 1970s and 80s are spotted in jewelry shops. Exhibited in ramps, the earrings moving freely on the ear side, refers to the golden time of stylish dressing as an eveningwear. Yeprem and Tiffany&Co has given a new dimension to dangling, graphically shaped and covered with diamonds made up the high-class varieties of crystal earrings. 

  • The Right-Hand Jewelry Trend

Symbol of woman’s empowerment, the diamond ring in right is another all-time top trend in hand jewelry niche. Ever blooming in US region, it is making grounds and Europe region as well in current season. There are many variations of diamond ring, among which the cocktail ring is most famous. Crafted carefully from diamonds, these have large gem or stones on the top.  Hand bracelets are another kind of trendy hand jewelry and come in many kinds i.e. wooden bracelet or diamond bracelets. Now there is another low cast variant of hand bracelet coming in shape of heavy threads. Bracelets always remain in fashion and you can easily buy or purchase a chain and charm to make a classy one for yourself 

Jewelry Trends 2019 saversjewelry
Layering Jewelry
  • Layering 

Layering jewelry is hot and prevalent trend for this season in jewelry industry.  Elegant gold necklaces or hand bangles or bracelets, layering trend is all time high in demand. It is simple about wearing more then 1 type pf jewelry pieces on one occasion. You can update your beloved ornaments by layering them. It does not look heavy if right pieces are properly layered all together. Keep in mind to buy at least 5 of same type of bangles, necklace or bracelets to proudly showpiece their layering. 

If you want to uncover antique gems, or go by celebrity style or sport exclusive designs, trendy fashion jewelry is the answer for you. If you can find your true style and taste in jewelry, that is the key to reaching heights of trendy jewelry industry. When a trend results in impeccable praises and rosy expressions on face, a simple jewel becomes adorable for you.

On the internet, you will see different jewelry trends with variable explanations however it is you, the reader, who knows best about yourself. You need to take decision to simply admire your idiosyncratic style or add something special in closet.

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